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and the top stories, an early election but fails to put up tens of thousands of protesters trying to force her out of a job. >> live outside the office where the protest leader asked his followers to camp out overnight. >> reporter: french troops disarm fighters accused of hundreds of deaths in the african republic and we will be live if the capitol. breaking links with russia and think the time to stop blockading government buildings and worth more than its weight in gold, historic olympic metal shatters auction records. ♪ our top story on thailand prime minister called an early election to stop the political crisis that is gripping the country but has not stopped the tens of thousands of protesters who want to put her out of a job and say she is running a corrupt government on behalf of her bother and they are gathered outside of her office in the capitol of bangkok and they have flooding the streets of bangkok and began marching on the complex on the northern outskirts of bangkok at the government house. now at least nine marches started from different locations on the city on descending
and democracy in the nation at the forthcoming election. with respect and democratic institutions. this is the crusade since he bought it. the hope that the forthcoming elections with this on to the aspirations of the people in poverty. and that the baby feet stay in particular and peaceful. i find quite accepted in. the she's scheduled to go to polls lunch and eat its mystical a tough call but the opposition alliance. and the base has been tipped by a series of being the sponsors have done since they can tell that to question i've seen come and see christine end up going to step down and kind of attire the nonpartisan can't eat the government. yes main opposition but that the on field bjp is that children and for the state elections by the link on this basis set out to those cuts that article the mode of being confident in the semifinals of the two thousand and fourteen june election. it is those stupid fights did the same people that included women to be a threat to the game changes. not a strong motive for this trip is good news the tom and amy richmond on coles boss few weeks
's ruling congress party has suffered a bruising defeat in key state elections. it's lost three of four states after last week's vote. now it seems to be an even bigger battle for the congress party to cling to power in may national elections. >> reporter: opposition supporters celebrate on the streets of india. the results of state elections are in. the vote was seen as a test of the coalition government led by the congress party when prime minister singh. the congress party didn't do well. the bjp won many and retained seats. new delhi was the main prize. djp has the most seats over, but couldn't manage an overall majority. winning here sent a clear message to the whole country. the congress party has been in power in the state capital for 14 years. not anymore. the anti-corruption party won second place and will make it a hung administration. >> translator: people will win this time. i'm confident the country will improve. >> translator: congress has been in power for three consecutive terms. we can't ignore the anti-i am couple bent see factor is strong to topple the government. i i
dissolve parliament and promises elections but that is to say a massive demonstrations will continue. courier protest is to set up barricades to prevent access to government buildings in kiev. the intent to disrupt the running of the country as civil servants and politicians tried to begin their working week. on sunday some of the top of the statue then in a symbolic times to present the tna convictions his parents because it ties with moscow i could've done it in a civilized manner and put it nicely in a museum like a piece of history. what has happened is the fault of the communists they have not given us the tools to do said in a civilized way because the key to the cost. they were against it said today in our country the anyway today was lights out. we will make you look a ticket the present by the government's decision to shelve and eat eighteen in favor of talks is russian the protest is on sale so it is to confront each of them now for weeks. i know i have corresponded in kiev says but the man told us that the opening of the men in statutes a controversial news to many ukraini
are on track for elections in 2014. i want to mention another thing that was going on at this iiss conference i attended in bahrain. foreign ministers from egypt, qatar, the u.s. secretary of defense chuck hagel, they were talking about u.s. realignment, the realignment of the u.s. in the region. what that means for the gcc countries. as they look to shore up countries with trouble like egypt, the 15 to $20 billion they've invested, they're going to look to broaden their scope in terms of who they're going to be investing in and trying to make sure the gcc is a strong force in the region. >> we'll see what that does for investment attitudes. for now, hadley, thank you so much indeed for that. >>> we'll bring our attention to bio fuels. it could be set to rise after the eu canceled a vote. in october they called for these types of bio fuels to be restricted because of concerns it could lead to food shortages. joining us is kevin mckinney. thanks for joining us. big difference of opinion between the european council and the european commission. why? >> the three original objectives for bio fuels,
of these yet. spd members accept the deal chancellor under the miracle could be re elected to a third term in mid december he rejected the grand coalition will be over before it began. italy's senate voted on wednesday to expel former prime minister silvio berlusconi following his conviction for tax fraud the decision meansravis county loses his parliamentary immunity and could face arrest in connection with other legal proceedings against him. they include with an underage prostitute and abuse of office. the vote was preceded by a heated debate between supporters and opponents doomadgee imagine that this is a historic day for italy just for them to the rule of law has been strengthened because it's clear that everyone is equal under the law to enable him as a clown a cookie sheet to the knee so i know i'm an addict. but there was tony says he isn't giving up. it was the seventy seven year old told supporters he would seek a seat in the next election. however under the terms of its conviction he's barred from holding office for the next sixty years the day. like his prime ministers like t
government protesters earlier today. thousands turned out despite a ban on protests to demand early election. they want president victory on congress to step down after he rejected a trade pact with the european union in favor of improving ties with russia. sunday saw the biggest demonstration in kyiv in almost a decade. more than a hundred thousand people gathered for a peaceful rally and independence plan. in front of the president's office the protests escalated in the often did. a group of young people in moscow and didn't it. instead they turn tried to break through police lines. riot police responded that it gets and the students to drop them back the opposition denounced the violence saying it was an attempt by the government to prevent distinctive an agency this made him wait independence square just like mary kate and a ban on protests name. mainly in the john scott the violent discursive practices on saturday morning the government to be fair we want the authorities to be for the people insist on eating them. we want to make sure what happened saturday night when the skin that does
stability that pushed his business by two elections were held off about the situation in the news sent off in a exhibit different because it is genuinely a failed state with no real infrastructure what's be futile. so when the french to move and the question is what happens next day to be the operetta was stumped is a dangerous place and when that time comes for elections in seoul. i spend at ten over par seventy four. and talking about that difficult situations. the car bomb has gone all things yet mandating at least twenty dead suicide bomber reportedly set off his car packed with explosives at the defence ministry. another twenty were hurt in that blast that smashed through walls in a hospital inside the complex. officials say after the explosion went off without a fight broke out between soldiers and another car filled with gunmen the defence ministry has for these very few details so far but it does say most of the attackers were killed foreign diplomats are in kiev today for a meeting of the top security body and tera capital of ukraine has been gripped by massive protests against t
iconic independent sweat according to early elections well i guess the brink several days of soft residents decided to spend his back on historic trade pact the european union and instead all the close ties with russia. they are on diets that john is an image of vietnam from houses trading station are in sight yes we can compare with the point of additions passion be it the week is safe is this movement is very symbolic because he started the same day as which of addition. the twenty two year old november but at the same time the courts the devastation in the nature of these movements are not to see. in two thousand for the people were protesting against the tree from its joint fifth position and actions to date the question is if ukraine is with the euro or not. this second thing which difference. i even said thank you to run military snow in the air. as of two thousand. we had to tinkle which is in jail now and we had the pick to head to hit the beach was a candidate to him. but the presidential elections dad peace movement is much more fun and we had to one hundred injured in t
elections were held on december first nineteen ninety one president are soft enough to buy it when the election is over ninety percent of both the voter turnout was almost ninety percent. in the first years of the young state he was important to joint efforts to soften the economic and social problems. during this challenging years as often as a buyer always spoke of the need to go to a strong and confident woman capable of adopting effect the loss of the country needed new political transformations as the economy grew. the two thousand and seven the president proposed in march the consumption can expand the authority of the fall of the constitutional reform was scared out of the initiative of the soul cannot survive the lead for the system was changed to parliament received extra leverage on the government and the political parties and non governmental sector started playing with her walls in defining the policies and finding the solution. in fact some of the presidential powers were given to the prom today we have a bye camaro parliament which present three political parties incl
. the opposition the stabilizing the digits into the elected leadership will write about what's going on doesn't live up to revelation but a well planned action. i think they will pay for the presidential elections in spring twenty fifteen will have to start early. we can see well pad in all the noise minutes and greets. the opposition is either not always in control of what's going on. or is this an express route to goal extremist actions with me next but i seldom occurs suspect a little early he says the opposition come very quickly from them on the eu trade deal to fight to overthrow the government it's quite clear now that will be what is being an auntie is the threat the government via the spread of the democratically elected the kids in the gulf and a decision the government made a decision about the things that they would not get to go ahead and to take the hint when you feed you. now that was the intelligent due to the people didn't and don't agree that that stupid. then the one to deal with at least a campaign even in an election. does any of the fourteen months ago and for adulthood
vote as early as tomorrow. if the measure passes it would clear the way for new elections. the number left hand and i have on the line of cars find one i cut it close and independence crap like it's been in need of repairs as night is not one and at what is really the situation oh and i put one hundred people as well the government but that can occur when a kid like that he looks at them that they keep on coming out of whack actually it's two am what i particularly care for me to have faith. actually quite that you are cheerful we've got nowhere to be seen they would call it at my gun. for now at least look at it that i like to think it's a situation student wellness what do you see in london in the coming days. like the fact that other people at the end of the weekend the trip that i'm bigger than them. that could become more radical and actually it's because the political convention that he be spent the report that the private company to get. they kept driving. elliott get a copy i actually planned it that will happen in a ukrainian that the cake they want. they want change the whol
is as calling for prime minister yang election a lot to step down in our streets and to the grounds of government house and other fortified compounds pace as he gets it and posted bond is bound to fight to the charity said and how small. protesters seeking hands including police hancock has changed. on tuesday after days of violent groups as policemen demonstrators bring down barricades the protected government offices. this new strategy tuesdays and the king's birthday celebrations. still opposition activists were to topple the cabinet. the state is controlled by former ousted prime minister. and since no one. i know it's not over. this is the start of the new politics. we need to refund all politics and other agencies such as the police it might be that we need to change all of them so the country will benefit from the revolution of the people while anti tax and protesters plan the next phase of the return to topple the elected government parents and sister the current prime minister called for dialogue. all i would like to avoid academics businessmen and groups from all walks of
thrilling presidential elections. it was unclear whether the opposition will get the required two hundred and twenty six most in the four hundred and fifty seat parliament. the opposition controls about one hundred and fifty cc and independents hold thirty five the governing party of regions has been losing support of its own members protests have been held daily in kyiv since president baked again until that backed away from an agreement that would have established fleet race and deep and political cooperation between ukraine and the eu. hundreds of protesters continue to rally in ukraine despite the freezing temperatures demonstrations have been held daily since ukrainian president viktor yanukovich this decision could get a deal to close its highest with the european union allow the president is defending his decision not to sign this deal the channel has a smile most discontinued in central kiev independence square on monday nights dinner includes the woodstock police force if they try to freak us out here in independence square peaceful protesters and we don't want any complex the st
and prosperity and elected representatives of the ukrainian people made their choice deciding against giving the government in no confidence slapped down for the defeated opposition it was back to the streets if the democratic process will force the government out that the protesters today everywhere. like eating official buildings are likely keep the protest. one in the west calls of encouragement. the supporters of euro integration must remain for and seize the momentum of the protest this is the only way to continue to cook to make concessions. while labour in particular seems to be paying especially close attention to events in ukraine the european union needs you and you need the european union. and if you need it you will be with your husband has always regarded ukraine has since backed down to it as i would say neo imperialist designs on ukraine with some polish may be hoping for is a repeat of the events of two thousand for the country stood still for a month in support of the western backed the condition fact that things have changed over the years. the orange revolution works becau
institutions comments and eighty election is held is really getting to reports the nature of the price has been shifting hillary to ukraine. hillary to the theory is the official slogan of the hardline nationalist movement known as the ukrainian insurgent army and it can't hurt among the crowds and tube these days. here's just a couple of the protesting students mr next time people fall under the national assembly the party and the men inspired by the actions at the ui is wartime delicious we took a machine guns and fought the russians the germans and the built to quote wanted to take away our ukrainian land. this is that the kaczynski and other party activists. the radical nationalist movement. we need school. to maintain an organization not cause conte exist without evil. protest is one of those suspected of arranging the bulldozer action team over the weekend then it was then held her next sentence. this book is in western ukraine which has traditionally gravitated towards her rather than moscow we played for the european union until the end and even if they bring out tanks. we read unocal w
institutions and that's an early elections now. listening to much to report next. make sure the protests. he shifted the jewelry to ukraine hillary to the theories is the official slogan of the hardline nationalist movement known as the ukrainian insurgent army and it sounds heard among the crowds and tube these days. here's just a couple of these protesters to the dentist. mr next time people founder of the national assembly the party and the men inspired by the actions that the ui is wartime delicious we took a machine guns and fought the russians the germans and that you lose gold souk wanted to take away our ukrainian land. this is that the kaczynski and other party activist radical nationalists but scout movement. we need school. to maintain an organization not cause conte exist without wool. protest is one of those suspected of arranging the bulldozer action team over the weekend. both men represent the ultra nationalist sentiment is popped it in western ukraine which has traditionally gravitated towards europe rather than moscow. make it look like the european union until the end. eve
the japanese government bonds an immediate election now. that puppy off the set up a position called for nationwide general strike and they continue to surround them to update the governmental the pop and soul our ministry to buildings day in the center of tea after that bought the ukrainian security service to say that investigates an awful they are courting an attempt to seize power in the country and is also much on sunday thathe use of foreign policy representative catherine ashton is set to be sixty s later this week to try a doubt find a political solution to the crisis on the home and really has been voiced by support from european officials as my colleague every negative stuff about reports i love the image racing and staff on the streets. but for some reason teens independence square has captured the minds of politicians from him and he was seated there the opposition leaders. to speak for the crowds. and yet oew seem to hav made the pasta cured fm both sides from the country runners and their supporters there was a statistic retrieve states we stand with the people of ukrai
. they are not even an opposition in waiting. it is 18 months before the next general election and we still have no clue what the labour party would actually do. we do know a few things. and energy con that would see prices go up and not down. no apology for crashing the economy in the first place and a , total failure to stand up to the trade union partners. if they cannot manage to come up with a sensible policy, if they cannot manage their own party, why should anyone think that they can manage our country? >> this weekend, saturday, i will be supporting local firms in my community. can i welcome the reduction that this government has introduced in terms of corporation tax? what more can be done to reduce interest rates? -- to reduce interest rates? >> i would suggest to my honorable friend that he should wait for the chancellor to make his statement. a brilliant event to encourage everyone to support local businesses in the u.k. governmentthe last planned to end small business relief and we reversed that decision, saving them pounds on average. >> tenants, councils, housing associations, and
and presidential elections next year. up. syrian government helicopter stumped off explosives on the rebel held town near the northern city of london one in two separate attacks on but the kind since the poms makes them intended targets resulting in the deaths of at least fifty people. a report from the purchase price syrian of the tree making them relates strikes months we sometime on sunday near a bite to eat in the town of al cop killing at least twenty four people syrian state media said government forces killed ten weeks which is our latest on combat boots like to thanks president assad sites room it's the kind i was asked a similar bombing. army helicopters talk to the ripple compound in our company sent on to expand its market leading twenty six people. umpire to tyson's the army used the soap bottle bombs containing hundreds of pounds of explosives. in a deal with. what was i. and as great a picture in the british capital for the past few years and every year in its construction it's two hours of back breaking work to make sure every piece is in its place without getting that next week
and great saves by the uk border agency. this election. it's after the rush to enjoy new venue with a friend or family saloon before the office parking lot i can rest in the know what's going on and on the one kind of style when asked if he was accosted us and they don't know what's happening. in or near the tipping cushioned by the scholars who may know i can buy them so the uk border agency in states that any immigration sexy carries out looking for a needle black kids were always intended since that's the difference is obvious the mystery say they need the procedure is one fine day during the raids in fact some of the intended result in any address more than that. but the frequency of heart is heavy handedness of the immigration officials see you on the side and the chain rule of the business has been shot down in protest against what they set with discrimination from the uk border agency since this is genuine frustration anger and the little note to self funder. the level of a discontent you like. it was effective. in the number of people who sought to exclude to close the distance to su
against elections are scheduled for next month. he was two years coming to you on the danube. initial take on the coming of the desperate situation for refugees from cbs as soon as the middle to low and protests in thailand as the country prepares to celebrate the king's birthday tuesday. the rule. do. for it the eye. as winter sets in the refugees from serious civil war are continuing to make their way into neighboring country. we are heading to a scandinavian countries like turkey and lebanon. these council or did he pull the strings and desperately content the governments of those countries has increased their calls for more international help and for europe to open its doors to those seeking refuge. the cover goss refugee camp in the kurdish part of iraq is home to almost ten thousand syrian refugees. overall more than two million people fleeing the conflict and syria have found refuge in iraq lebanon jordan turkey and egypt amnesty international says these countries the massive international support. in the dung on bicycle. we need eagerly been evident for example. taking an eight und
parliamentary elections for d with its two thousand fourteen the party demanded the formation of a non party cabinet for the elections cover the prime minister sheikh on cnn has formed a temporary cabinet which includes representatives of three different political parties the scientists of the medical university of austin are perceived to one million teeny grants. these funds will be used for research in the field of medicine and pharmacy. the support program was established by st a member of a fireman group in order to reveal the true potential of the scientists at the medical university of las them on a tip and called the detection of truffle cyanide in the by material was one of the best scientifihis method was not applied in the country according to the experts this technique will be used in forensics all that his topic is relevant for cars extent because couple simon has a drug. but recently joined the addicks are using in many cases of poisoning were revealed. there's no method to detect that the autopsy it's not just for fun the social care cost them a conference has been held in aust
thousand and four will remember we were told that the elections that's not special forces he would take it week after that. they want. nothing happened so it was a propaganda war cycle that will take place using these wounds all the custody order for us whilst same time very blessed to have a stack of customs. if you choose. or the evidence over and enforcement uses it to the opposition provide technical training camps replacing the financial bubble forms of assistance avoiding the media platform for himself. ukraine's crash has had changed from being heard easy interest rate risk and are now minus the anti government. they remain the focus of attention for european politicians and not the home and told his boss hearing many of them to independence square. will we see a range of cruises coming here the festival of the dumb pharmacist coffee was annihilated in the recent german middle schoolers seats she's beautiful. that is the use of. while but hopefully he can tell it to the pool. coming because it gives them a sense of self importance but also a common cause the question cost include
before the next general election. we still have no clue from those six questions with the labour party will actually do. we do know a few things. and energy con which would see prices go up rather than down. no apology to crashing economy in the first place. and a total failure to stand up to the trade unions office. mr. speaker, if they can't manage to come up with some sensible policies, if they can't manage their own party, why should anyone think that they can manage our country? [shouting] >> mr. speaker, this weekend i will be supporting local firms in my constituency. companies welcome the reduction this government has introduced in terms of corporation tax and national insurance contributions, but what more can be done to reduce business rates? >> mr. speaker, i would suggest to my honorable friend he should wait until the chancellor makes his autumn statement and small business saturday as it prohibited to encourage a going to support small businesses in uk. of course, the last government plan to do and more generous small business rate relief to we reversed that decision savi
planned protest that in my view is aimed not today. that is directed at the presidential election campaign in march twenty fifteen. critics of the command of the kids pitched in a pressurized former soviet republics such as armenia and ukraine to reject deals that would lead to greater integration with the eu. the russian president increased wealth goes in for once in a strategically and pull the south caucasus and said the customs union to doherty told tangible dividends with veterans and kazakhstan. one of the above my celebration was the final months of evidence pointing to the syrian government's involvement in war crimes and crimes against humanity. one of the family. the accusation goes to the highest levels of implicate the president's star i'll stop now that the gpu and says the scale of the viciousness of the abuses by both sides of the conflict almost defies belief that the use of the massive evidence of facts point to the commission of a studious cunts war crimes and begins to men. they point to the fact that the evidence the nikkei to sponsor the tee at the highest level of the
to be different because we have the democratically elected president. auntie cnot say as mysterious twenty two systems to spark the european union. we don't accept such mundane. support all the mass protests has come from a surprise quartet the previous price said the president of ukraine been a coach not the case to incur and in a craft you have all expressed solidarity with peaceful rallies. it's been an expansion in yemen's ministry of defence in the capital sana. initial reports suggest several people have been killed and six. industry sources say a suicide bomber trip hop to experience it into a gate. many tenants and said the complex. witnesses describe the sound of shots coming from the compound where it got back to its report to be taking place these two stone and i reap up to the tent was stationed just outside makes the case the t stop the security of the tough it was revealed to contain radioactive hospital waste which could be used by terrorists. such was the lowest as mexico's new kids' safety commission warned that tampering with the content could be dangerous to form a united an
elections next year . that is the history syrian border on friday evening with reports that the coolest bikes but is it is intended to top it is repeat defense unit that was patrolling the border. idf officials say. me in age to attack marks the first episode since the syrian civil war began and to deliberately target the israeli army at the border with explosives syrian someone who has also seen his lead was queuing up with gas masks in recent months as fiasco that nobody has done for other business units and groups that advocate the destruction of tame temple pilots who went and stood to speak against israel. this might be raised fuel hoses to use reiki national security the jewish nation has been treating hundreds of victims in the body to the conference which is already claimed one hundred thousand riots according to the un . the in times of budget cuts on defense spending even lawmakers are still enough pressure on member states to tighten military cooperation european parliament as hurts the leaders meeting in brussels this month to take scheduled talks on a defense very seriously
the economy is going to do this year and next ahead of the election. >> yeah. i think the likelihood is that the economy will continue to grow at a 2% to 2.5% late next year. that's decent, but it's not stellar. given all they have said about reducing the deficit over the next few years, it leaves room for cutting taxes. i think what the uk needs is a rebalancing towards investment and exports. the government realizes this and i think as a consequence it's unlikely to do things to throw additional fuel on the fire of consumption. >> do you think the government is doing enough? are you expecting any measures, say, on planning tomorrow from the troika? would that have helped? we had construction pmis this week very strong, rising like a phoenix out of the ashes. but many suppliers saying the supply side of that market is still very, very underperforming. >> yeah. i mean, when it comes to the supply side of the uk housing market, it really is down to things like change, having a look at the green belt legislation, trying to, you know, incentivize local authorities to watch the yen gauge
. in doing that since he was elected. and it's not as effective to use not the only issue because you have many other things to change but where were you are right beneath it that the issue and the christian is where is this money spending and being spend because today the government is speaking about the great sister revolution also because there you are so begins the right if it's a revolution but that's not to each and every issue is how we spent didn't have the money today and everybody agreed that we can guess who can cut costs and we can make economies on disparate spending the day that there had been plans announced a further cut defense spending quite sizeable debt. of course there are other on and there are doubts about it it's really not identical with the detentions friends is facing today. there was never without one the reaction to a wooden one of our viewers saying france to get out of this economic mess. in a hurry with sensible spending and tax cuts and this morning on breakfast radio. the finance minister announced fifteen billion in cuts to fifteen billion. drop in the po
. it is saying one thing before the election and another thing as prime minister. here is what the hon. member for richmond park said about him. he likes reading out tweets, so listen to this one. "if the pm can casually drop something that was so central to his identity, he can drop anything. #greencrap." that is this prime minister all over. the truth is that any action he takes on the cost of living crisis is because he has been dragged there kicking and screaming. on the cost of living crisis, he is not the solution -- he is the problem. nobody believes that he or his cabinet have any sense of the pressures facing the people of britain. >> i think everyone can recognise a collapse when they see one, and we just saw one right now. is it not interesting? the week before the autumn statement, and he cannot ask about the economy because it is growing, he cannot ask about the deficit because it is falling. he cannot ask about the numbers in work because they are rising. people can see that we have a long-term plan to turn our country around, and people can also see him sitting in his room, desp
poet. in october, he published the second election of his works. this is one of his poems. >> an old dog faithfully ploding at his master's side. growing old together. >> reporter: this poem celebrates spending your life together with someone you care for deeply. in another haiku, he expresses his sorrow for the victims of the great east japan earthquake. >> the three disasters. storms turn into a soft wind. a new, humane wind. >> you can only read haikus when you have some serenity in yourself, and then you come to haikus. but at the same time, writing haikus makes you more serene. >> reporter: it was really him who translate d his haiku into japanese. these days hue caikus are writtn over 70 countries. the basic rules are fixed. the poems are written on three separate lines, and they should give a sense of the seasons. >> translator: haiku are short, but they're perfect for modern life. they feature literary elements. they leave a fresh impression. >> reporter: a growing number of people in belgium are writing haiku poetry. last april a special haiku mailbox was sent to belgium. it
medal in last year's presidential election. as the pending issue of appointing a special prosecutor to investigate the allegations from rival parties decided to continue negotiations. earlier today that the nation's top off this president up and hand held bilateral talks to her inquiry counterpart during which the two leaders agreed to further boost cooperation particularly in the economic sector. the presidential office correspondence and two as well. beckett and visiting freak president carol us but only as neatly focused on expanding the two countries' economic cooperation and trade or seven topps on tuesday afternoon. isn't that called on the greek air from and to be ratified to create a youth retreat prevent professionally to the fact of july two thousand eleven. but final ratification requires each eu member country to ratify the trade pact respectively. the trade deal is currently awaiting approval from six eu nations belgium france greece italy sweden and finland. the two leaders also agreed to strengthen the cooperation and the ship building sector greece's korea's largest
be a broadcaster to see the full once again the best ones to sit out the minds of the opposition are snap elections it doesn't seem as if he wants to go back and also people see it here. that said indiana call that says absence the police might crack down the protest once too often enough to attend private school. no was his hands full responsibility say that i wasn't and said sorry and all slack seek the offences as they act didn't understand what's happening at the end of the human should be fun as the comedy because he went on to say that to get their act and where it's legal. and that's great that we wouldn't have any meat on the tee that they would in fact the minority my mind. they must adapt to it. move over to the protest movement thailand's now with the government has ordered police to stand down raising hopes that the days of political violence may be coming to an end but this is close to st anthony and retrieve them and the squabbling is expected to come back in the coming days with that of the king's birthday on test day. judges insist that they will not give up till prime minister he w
of the government and the president and so for new elections. why because we do not like being treated as animals. the protests began after the president picked unocal which refused to sign the eu association in the free trade pact but most people went to the streets on sunday after they've been caught so it is violently dispersed the crowd on independence square. the thai government has negotiated a truce with protesters in the streets of the capital for the next several days to onor the birthday of the country skiing in the form of duty and dad who turns eighty six and december that the tensions in the streets of bangkok have reduced the authorities open the gates of the government house which was previously besieged by protesters the prime minister you look you know what i stated that the situation has improved the government forced the police and military forces to respond without violence. i would ask all scientists businessmen in all people including protesters the joint efforts in certain ways out of the situation the general solution will help the reform of the country on the leadership o
that the elections has alanna and has cerebral. code taxing government. either the stakes seem to believe that it seemed as prime minister. all with the proxy prize in the prime ministers and sil and actions to blog again. and indeed the same results. i think it's a mite secretary told a consultant for unesco. the ukrainian president viktor yanukovich is in china today that planned three day visit comes as protests aimed at bringing him down continue home and he adds. the opposition is standing firm despite the fact that the presence of government survived a no confidence vote in parliament jay barker has the details it's been in control. korean president lee to get a curve that sets off his training in china. as he embarks on a three day state visit of the good thing he can turn these welcoming her insights into summit agreements on line and investments spilling some of the economic elites. from his decision to spare and a treat to the eu. in his home country the decision to take to deal with you. chiseled to picking bits and on the streets and the refusal to give it again the government
despite that results a delegation of skilled park schools for snap election his deed. buddha will grow in him and make that choice for a country with his. in freedom. these are the new rule will never know when to call for a minute. every democratic country. every time. it's my job or was it about time for that. well the opposition continued at the age of sets and government buildings despite the tight deadline set by the government considered to be outside buildings is living option expires on tuesday amid allegations of support for the opposition comes despite pleas from brains prime minister outside interference is still well as the protests they look set to continue into the evening k behind me with allies now on sunday when organizes type that up to one million people from all of the ukraine could descend on the council though their us a german mep one european politicians the colors in up to ukraine's opposition now. it's not the game instead of crying. i forgot there's just so would their sunday there etf if the protesters. i log on and he wants that the us assessment team and t
every election. what began as a pro eu which descended into and out and out attack on the efficient use of buzzwords of democracy justice and love of the people were interspersed with the old school phone calls from president chc!vez wants to admit he's been beaten clearer more so this is something that should be unacceptable widely seen as a clear breach of the many contexts. it also raised prices in moscow tomorrow. i can imagine how large a man talking as if phelps is russia's foreign minister decided to attend a rally that was being held the case generally hostile. i don't think they would consider it a friendly state works meeting with opposition and this is one thing you have taken part in rallies. that's interference in domestic affair. in the early week the government survived a no confidence vote in ukrainian parliament. defeated by the great process opposition teams went home to block the stage installing parliament outside protest leaders called on people to take over as many civic offices as possible. but to live in a debate the pros and cons of the eu friendship has desc
to the european elections is a vote for that change. during the second day of the meeting participants discussed the prospects of promoting sustainable growth and jobs to you which is tightly linked with the ongoing budget debate. the optional but hey that's cool. ppp group vice chairman responsible for budget and structural policies explain the framework of debate don't send jokes. domingo weekend. given this and european governments. so this is that the girl at the discussions that he got to the budget the budget of some of that today tokyo but it is the thirty five percent this might have discussed go to the main addiction. way to the superdome and so cheap alicia forty six who was given. for that. for the decreasing the cheese is going to produce gold and jewels. he says what the ppp would it would go. support for the student addiction. if grossman jokes. you know that i'm claiming to be. what don't be put to the temple she had to go to court auction page. this site by a succession of labor force that holds whether west about the companies which already gets quite a joy. following the fall o
guarantee him success in the elections. from his perspective, that was going to be russia particularly as the ukraine required financial support which the eu seems unlikely willing to provide. >> if they had been willing to provide that, would the situation have been different? >> potentially. however, russia does hold a number of cards. obviously, ukraine is still very dependent on gas imports from russia and the gas price would have been a crucial consideration in all of this. however, it's clear from what has happened yanukovych miscalculated the extent to which the population is in favor of joining us moving towards the eu. we just got this note coming out from the ukraine finance minister saying can ikiev will back its debt on time. what do you make of that? >> that's clearly a signal to russia that the ukraine is still on side and possibly able to appeal to russia to come forth with distance. at this point, yanukovych has to show concrete evidence of russian support. >> are these protests go to go continue? and what are the implications? >> the protests are likely to continue. sh
election question? >> a lot to resolve in washington. also coming up, ford has a new must end. will the new revamped model used the brand? >> ♪ >> tomorrow, jobs day, 8:30 a.m. in the morning. onerage on bloomberg radio, bloomberg television. betty liu will go beneath the headline data at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. this morning on "in the loop" you have something of going on. >> a slew of news. but i'm excited to see the new mustang coming out from fort. in brilliant orchid -- >> no, it is radiant orchid. is furtherht say it evidence that manufacturing in the united states is coming back. we will see more and more jobs. the gary shilling will be joining us and he says, forget that. that is all a bunch of baloney. any factoring jobs in the united states are not coming back. in thefacturing jobs united states are not coming back and what you see is a blip on the screen. like w, don't you? >> it is a rumor. -- you reportedlysomebody the world -- >> very good. i am motivated. oh wait. is it too early? >> we have been up since 2:00. 5:00 p.m. in belgrade. it is perfect this morning. whiskey
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